Exhibition Description


Simone DeSousa
May 18 through June 29, 2013

All things emerge from the ground of emptiness, and return to it, in a continuous exchange.

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Re:View Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present A Myriad of One, Simone DeSousa’s first solo exhibit in Detroit.

Through this new body of paintings, DeSousa alludes to her primary interest in the investigations into the nature of reality, which point to the idea that all things emerge from the ground of emptiness, and return to it, in a continuous exchange that gives form to infinite manifestations.  In the various visual negotiations taking place in the structures of each painting, DeSousa intends to define without defining, embracing the inseparability of these seemingly opposite alternating stages.

From the interplays between shapes, colors, lines, and textures, superposed and intersecting, emerge compositions that suggest at times an intricate matrix of information, and other times concealed simplicity. Records of the accumulation of gestures in the studio process can be detected on the layers of paint, preserving the memories of the operations. The base of the works naturally becomes part of the compositions themselves, transcending the limitations of the edge and inviting relationships with the other works and the environment.

Through the intense materiality of the works, all paintings on wood, DeSousa intends to offer a contrasting experience to our current digital visual world. DeSousa’s paintings congregate a personal formal vocabulary that invites the viewer into a contemplative experience, and as the title suggests, deconstructs the idea of individuality to reconnect with the unifying principle that underlies all elements, artist and viewer included.