Jim Chatelain and John Egner   Cass Corridor: Connecting Times     June 10 – July 8, 2017

Opening Reception
Saturday, June 10, 6-9 pm

UPCOMING SCHEDULE for Cass Corridor: Connecting Times:

Simone DeSousa Gallery is pleased to present Cass Corridor: Connecting Times, a series of exhibitions of past Cass Corridor artists curated by Nancy Mitchnick.

From the mid sixties through the late seventies, Cass Corridor was the home of an art community that at the time was regarded as Detroit’s avant-garde, a counter-culture art movement shaped by the anxieties of the city—poverty, race, the Viet Nam war, industrial decline—and the optimism of new life styles, protests, music, and art. Often described as “Urban Expressionism,” the art was usually tough and gritty, process-oriented, and personal, but in contrast with its general reputation, it could also be lyrical and delicate, systematic and elegant. It was art of resistance and survival. [Read more]

2017 Exhibitions:

April 21 – May 28:

Michael Luchs

June 10 – July 8:

Jim Chatelain and John Egner

July 15 – August 19:

Steve Foust, Greg Murphy, Nancy Pletos

PANEL DISCUSSION: Saturday, May 13, 4-6 pm

Nancy Mitchnick in conversation with Detroit art writers and critics from the Cass Corridor time

PUBLICATION LAUNCH: Saturday, July 29, 4-6 pm

Fall 2018 Exhibition:  Women of Cass Corridor Group Exhibition