Exhibition Description


Marie T. Hermann
A Gentle Blow to the Rock
Jan. 26 – Mar. 9, 2013

Artist Talk:
Thursday, Feb. 21, 7 pm – 8 pm

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Re:View Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present Marie Torbensdatter Hermann’s first solo exhibit in Detroit. Hermann, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, lives and works in London, Detroit, and Copenhagen. She studied at the Royal College of Art in London, 2007-2009, and at The University of Westminster in London, 2000-2003. Solo exhibitions include “To the legion of the lost” at Matin Gallery, Los Angeles, “The only thing I can think about is yellow” Egg Gallery, London, as well as various gallery shows in England, China, USA, Italy, Germany, and Denmark. She is also the director of Sixpm Project Space in London.

In A Gentle Blow to the Rock, Marie T. Hermann creates fictional scenarios, open-ended scenes from a possible domestic environment, where objects exist in a sort of liminal space between an easily recognizable everyday object, evoking familiar sensations, and a suddenly ambiguous form that requires a new interpretation and the creation of new relationships.

In the objects that make up Hermann’s scenes, function is almost always denied, with tops often enclosed, making the prospect of filling up the space inside the object no longer a possibility.  By denying the objects’ assumed function, she induces a reflection towards the subtleties of these forms, and the relationships we have developed with them.

Always working with groupings, rather than one object at a time, Hermann focuses on the relationships that arise between the objects, the subtleties of space, and the final delicate compositions that allow their parts to come into existence.

In these arranged snapshots of everyday life, Hermann dissects a moment and presents it in a transformed way, prompting us into a deeper understanding and appreciation of forms that often go undetected in our contemporary lives filled with information. An old memory is questioned, and a new memory is created. In the process, the realization of untapped possibilities and an invitation to the simple, and profound, entrancement of exploration.