Exhibition Description


Matt Zacharias
Childhood, Boyhood, Sonic Youth
June 9 – July 7, 2012

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Re:View Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Matt Zacharias. In his first solo show at the gallery entitled Childhood, Boyhood, Sonic Youth, Zacharias continues his ongoing preoccupation with the fertile period of coming of age through youth culture and personal narrative. By deconstructing and reconfiguring imagery of rock-stars, actors, and characters of childhood, Zacharias creates a frenetic visual style evoking a sense of ‘channel-surfing’ in the 2D. This array of fragmented flashes of memory and bittersweet humor provides a guided tour inside the emotional topography of Zacharias’ past.

Zacharias utilizes various media in this new body of work including found materials such as advertisements and images from vintage magazines, and personal ephemera such as rock posters and family photos, painting, screen-printing, collage, and constructed objects. The works in this show ask their viewer to examine the relationship to how mass media and the pressure of the idealized American experience affects the formation of identity.

Matthew Zacharias received a Liberal Arts degree in Film from the University of Michigan. After producing a few short films, Zacharias’ interest in film and video projects migrated to photography, print and design. In 1996, Zacharias joined the art collective AWOL and co-produced multimedia works that premiered at art galleries around the country.