Exhibition Description


Greg Fadell
April 28 – May 26, 2012

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Re:View Gallery is pleased to present new works by Greg Fadell in his first solo exhibit entitled “Nothingness.” In this body of work, Fadell’s large black and white canvases serve as a container for both his physical painting process and his liberating mental exploration of “nothing.”  With self-created brushes and water based paint formulas, Fadell successfully achieves a push-pull experience using only black and white layers of gesture.  The contrasting tonalities draw the viewer in with a perceived sense of depth. However, upon closer investigation, there is not the expected thick build up of paint, but rather a thin film that deceptively resembles a photographic print—a literal flatness of surface. This duality of depth and flatness provides a unique visual dialog each and every time the viewer engages with the paintings.

Fadell’s work resists signifiers, concrete function, or imposed meaning—it arises from a genuine connection with the profound experience of creativity. In “Nothingness,” he constructs a space for the viewer, one that is empty of distractions and the meaningless discourse of everyday life, a space where one can be immersed in the infinite possibilities of “nothing.”