Exhibition Description


Campo Collective
September 22 – October 14

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Simone DeSousa EDITION is pleased to present PICNIC, a site-specific installation by Campo Collective (Fernando Bales & Elise DeChard), opening to the public on Saturday September 22, with a reception from 6 pm to 9 pm. A spatial feast, PICNIC is comprised of a playful landscape of fixed and furniture pieces, each with a standalone presence and use, that together assemble into a cohesive architectural space spanning the gallery and courtyard. Throughout the month, PICNIC’s playful materiality and rich tactility will create a spatial experience that activates the sensorial boundary between interior and public space. PICNIC’s opening happens in conjunction with Detroit Month of Design (MoD).

PICNIC will be activated for a single evening with a multisensory gathering around food, provided by Coriander Kitchen & Farm.

Campo Collective is a new collaborative design studio of Fernando Bales and Elise DeChard interested in exploring new material techniques to rethink objects, architecture, and the fields in between. Rooted in both architecture and fabrication, our work seeks playful forms, rich tactility, and surprising structures as a means of enlivening unexpected contexts. Both Fernando and Elise received their Masters of Architecture degrees from Cranbrook Academy of Art (‘13, ‘17) and are based out of Pontiac and Detroit MI.